Charla Lineman, CHWC

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Charla Lineman, CHWC
Charla Lineman, CHWC

Wellness is central to my life and my wish is to be your mindful and compassionate partner on this journey to optimal well-being.

Together we will develop a plan for lifestyle changes based on what you most desire.

On this journey, we may discuss your life satisfaction, mental/emotional fitness, exercise, energy, nutrition, weight and health. Then, we will develop a plan for your success.

I am a Wellcoaches certified Health & Wellness Coach and trained in The Hakomi Method of mindfulness based, body centered psychotherapy.

*Wellcoaches is a program that is widely acknowledged to be the gold standard in Wellness Coaching.

I also have a lifetime of wellness practices including meditation, yoga, hiking, weight training, nutrition and a desire to support others. I am a former world bodybuilding champion turned corporate professional, and I have decided to follow my passion and return to my roots.

I have a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington and studied Kinesiology at Texas Christian University, working toward a masters degree.

Contact me and let’s start a conversation!

Call me at (512) 964-8856 or send me an email.