Steve Milan, LCSW-S

Please note that Steve is the Director and Clinical Supervisor for Sol Community Counseling.  He does not see Sol clients, however, he does counseling through his private practice.  See for more information.

Steve Milan, LCSW-S. Director and Clinical Supervisor for Sol Community Counseling.
Steve Milan, LCSW-S

After 18 years of doing this work, I continue to be amazed and awed by the power of it, and by the honor of sitting with people as they find their way to a new way of relating to themselves and their world.  I am committed to learning something new each day from my clients, my supervisees, and this work.  It has not been difficult to meet this commitment.  I operate from a view of therapy as a process of “assisted self study” (in the words of Ron Kurtz, see or  From this view, the client is the expert on his or her experience.  The therapist’s role is to develop experiments which can help the client find his/her experience from a place of mindfulness and compassion.

This process can often to lead to information or awareness that neither client nor therapist could have known independently.  Therefore, therapy is a process of connection and co-creation which impacts all involved.I serve adults and couples in individual therapy, group therapy and workshop formats in my practice.  While I utilize a variety of models in this work, all are predicated on the importance of compassionate awareness, safety, relationship, experience, and a growth orientation.  I have studied Alaya Process (see, Hakomi Therapy, and Systems-Centered Therapy (see among others. Each offers its own gift to an understanding of our humanness. I have also studied mindfulness practices and mystical traditions from varied spiritual paths.  These also inform the work.

Clinical Supervision Services

I have offered clinical supervision services for newer therapists and graduate-level students for the last twelve years.  Since my license is in Social Work, I supervise LMSWs toward their LCSW licensure.  I also provide clinical supervision to Master’s level Social Work students.  Clinical supervision services are offered in group and individual formats.  Our focus is on the personal and professional development of the supervisee as well as on providing high-quality client services.  In addition to my work at Sol Community Counseling, I also supervise social workers employed in agencies.  If you are interested in clinical supervision services, I’d be happy to talk to you about the possibilities.

Contact Steve Milan at (512) 589-5164 or by emailing Steve here.

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