Savannah Cipriano, LMSW Therapist


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Savannah Cipriano, LMSW Therapist at Sol Community Counseling
Savannah Cipriano, LMSW

As a deeply grateful recipient of therapy myself, I come to this work with reverence for its power as well as respect for the courage it takes to start down an unfamiliar path.

My intention is to create a space of safety, compassion and curiosity so that internal barriers can soften and your inner wisdom can come forward. In my experience slowing down and tuning into the messages of the body are often important tools in this process.

Feelings of anxiety, depression, grief, and confusion are hard to hold alone. I am here to be in those heavy spaces with you, all the while knowing you have what is needed to heal within yourself. I see my task as a guide, helping you to touch into your intrinsic reservoir of vitality, creativity, and love. Life can be lived from that place, I’m here to help you come home to it.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Savannah or another counselor, you can call our Intake Number, 512-366-0954. To contact Savannah directly, call 469-612-3284 or send Savannah an email.