Hannah Collmann, MSSW Student Therapist

Hannah Collman, MSSW, Student Therapist at Sol Community Counseling
Hannah Collman, MSSW

Therapy serves a variety of purposes, ranging from fulfilling basic needs to facilitating the difficult and immensely rewarding journey of growth. At the root of any therapeutic experience is connection with one another, and this is how I choose to approach therapy.

As a passionate lifelong learner, I believe that therapy provides a safe space to explore our deeply held questions about the world within and around us. The pursuit of self-knowledge is the best way to bring harmony to our relationship with self and others. My work is rooted in non judgment and a dedication to connection above all else, especially in the presence of trauma.

The choice to delve inward is a courageous one, and I recognize that it is no easy task. It takes effort, risk and safety to dive deeper into our inner workings. I hope to serve as a guide and companion through your journey in order to find a way of life that truly honors your most authentic self.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Hannah or another counselor, you can call our Intake Number, 512-366-0954.