Our Therapists

Sol Community Counseling offers a unique experience for our therapists-in-training as they hone and shape their clinical skills.  We are able to attract and train some of the best and most experienced recent and current graduates from around the country.  Virtually all of our therapists are entering the field as a second career, so they bring a wealth of life experience, as well as the latest developments in clinical education to their work.

Hannah Collmann, MSSW

Hannah Collmann, MSSW, Student Therapist at Sol Community Counseling

I hope to serve as a guide and companion through your journey in order to find a way of life that truly honors your most authentic self.

Hannah Collmann, MSSW Student Therapist

Savannah Cipriano, LMSW

Savannah Cipriano, LMSW Therapist at Sol Community Counseling

I see my task as a guide, helping you to touch into your intrinsic reservoir of vitality, creativity, and love. Life can be lived from that place, I’m here to help you come home to it.

Savannah Cipriano, LMSW Student Therapist

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If you would like to set up an appointment with any of our counselors, you can call our Intake Number, 512-366-0954.