REMEMBERING THE HEART OF THERAPY: An Introduction to Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology

Ron Kurtz, the founder of the Hakomi Method, once said that Hakomi was “a harbor for Therapists lost.” By that he meant that Hakomi was often a refuge for therapists who felt hindered by mountains of paperwork, the pressure to get results quickly and a generalized feeling that something more engaging could be happening for both themselves and their clients.

Seasoned therapists as well as those just starting out had lost touch with the real values that had inspired them to enter the healing arts in the first place. Such things as the importance of authentic human connection, how to befriend the unconscious, emotional attunement, and seeing the whole person (not just a diagnosis in a book) were the kinds of things Ron was talking about.

This workshop is designed not only to introduce some basics about Hakomi MIndful Somatic Psychology, but to re-kindle therapists’ excitement and love of their profession.

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Location: Sol Healing and Wellness Center (North location)
13805 Ann Place, Austin, TX 78728

For more information contact Gregory Gaiser at 650-919-3103
To register: email: with your contact information (name, snail mail, phone number, email address)