What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a partnership created to help you achieve a higher level of well-being based on your individual goals.  It is a creative process that inspires and supports the best in you!

With me, you will create a Wellness Vision, set monthly and weekly goals and be supported through the exciting process of growth and change.  The areas of well-being to be addressed are: life satisfaction, energy, mental/emotional fitness, exercise, nutrition, weight, health.  Coaching is exercise for your brain!

What to Expect in Your Initial Session

You will complete a well-being assessment before your first session and we will review your results.  From this, you will create a vision of your best self, set 3-month goals and set goals to meet for our next session.  Allow 60-90 minutes for this first session.  Follow up sessions will last 45-60 minutes.