David Burks, MSW Student Therapist

In early 2001 I began to study meditation, and by 2004 I had a committed, regular, daily practice.  This practice would send roots down into my life, and the “tree” that grew out of it would rearrange my life the way a tree growing on the side of the street will buckle a sidewalk.  Meditation changed my understanding of myself and my relationship to the larger world.

My own experience with therapy helped me to integrate what I discovered and uncovered in my meditation practice.  I began to understand that humans are not machines that break and need to be fixed.  They are beings that course correct; they mold, and are molded, by their environment.  These course corrections may become obsolete or they may create more difficulties that need attention in order to become adaptive in a healthy way.

My idea of health and wholeness includes body, mind, and spirit.  I view therapeutic work as sacred and my approach is holistic, trauma-informed, and strengths-based.  From a foundation of evidence-based practices, I am interested most in body centered approaches, using awareness practices as an ally in a journey in which your wounds can be healed and your true self can blossom and be fully realized.  In this journey I am a guide and witness; a strong and stable source of curiosity and compassion.

As human beings, we thrive when we are deeply connected to our true self, other people, and the natural world of which we are a part.  My overarching goal is to help you restore these connections and realize your birthright — a deep sense of belonging and lasting wellness.

If you would like to set up an appointment with David or another counselor, you can call our Intake Number: 512-366-0954. To contact David directly, call: 512-774-4239, or send David an email.