Alicia Curtis, MSSW Student Therapist

Are you experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety, grief, loss, or depression? Are you having challenges with a relationship? Do you feel lonely or low on hope? Are you looking to develop self-awareness and self-appreciation? Together we can explore any challenging thoughts or feelings you may be facing and work toward resolution and healing.

I will hold space for you as you explore your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Within a therapy relationship, you are not alone in your journey. Through this intentional time, we can dive further into areas that may be causing you challenge or distress in order to move towards healing. We will take this work on as much as possible, with a goal of non-judgmental self-awareness. I believe you are the expert about your journey, and you are a wholly unique individual. I bring education about how we grow and change, and a dedication to reflecting what I see back to you.

Counseling has been a resource that has assisted me through challenging times with grief, career and life transitions. It has also taught me helpful skills. My education and experience in counseling has included mindfulness, working through unhelpful thoughts and thought patterns, and replacing unhelpful thoughts with nourishing thoughts and feelings for the journey. Counseling can also help us establish better communication patterns within our interpersonal relationships. I look forward to exploring any or all of these avenues of counseling with you.

In addition to social work, I have a background in business including working for a Fortune 500 company in sales and business consulting. Consequently, I have a passion for helping people navigate potential work stressors such as challenging organizational or professional dynamics. Finding your voice in the workplace is crucial to success and I can assist you. Outside of counseling and business, I enjoy running, hiking and coffee.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Alicia or another counselor, you can call our Intake Number, 512-366-0954. To contact Alicia directly, call 512-765-6263, or send Alicia an email.